Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Charlie Wilson's War

It was a pleasure to listen to this movie.The crocodile jawed Sorkin dialogue constantly ripping the ears and chewing the brain cells.I also enjoyed the chance to see something enduringly adult and brash in its glamour versus world affairs schtick.Other plesaures - the pleasure - included Philip Seymour Hoffmann barking and snapping at Hank's heels and providing the film's frustrated moral core.Then there was Julia Roberts,who but for the cruel twisted fate of birthplace would obviously share my name....that smile, those intelligent,knowing,kicked around but not down eyes;enough.

It was also fascinating to observe the policy play and drift of human influence over time.Loved the story on the balcony echanged between Hoffmann and Hanks.A classic piece of homily and humanity from Sorkin.

But what about Hanks? I never truly believed in him as a party animal and that took the edge off the film's wonder and darkness.Oh Hollywood, how you fear the rank sweat of the real world at your  own cost and the audience's presence.

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