Friday, 7 March 2008


The credits for this curve ball of a movie are dazzling. Their infectious indie spirit and deployment of Sufjan Steven's signature font style, drew me straight in to Juno's quirky universe. The dialogue was smart and sassy.It spun on loyalty,love and betrayal with genuine spirit. There were also some deft moments of cinematography;the shot of a traumatised Juno,pulling over on the highway to come to terms with the break up of her chosen surrogate family for her child, was particularly effective, employing its high angle to suggest the long road ahead and a burdened freight train rolling on also added labour to the journey.The film contains a troubling sequence involving the viewing of a horror movie in the middle of its rom-com-drama territory which powerfully suggests disturbance and hatred in the middle of love.It gives the film edge and menace.

There were also amusing sequences of boys running in phalanxes that suggested the pack like mentality of the male and the tide of adolescence circling the world. The film worked for me on several levels unlike "Little Miss Sunshine' ,which seemed deeply contrived at its core, this film possessed an idiosyncratic heart beating strongly after the closing credits rolled. Good use too of 'Sea of Love' to suggest turbulance, change and people trying their best in unexpected circumstances.See it.

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